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Who are the Personal Shoppers?

We are four women who are experts in fashion and intimate apparel, and we want to be your new best friends. Our goal is to give you our best advice, to help you find the perfect pieces to fit your unique body.

Get to know our personal shoppers

Have you ever stopped and thought about how important it is to wear the right underwear?

It plays a significant role in how we look, feel, and present ourselves. Although nobody sees what we’re wearing under our clothes, it’s true that the right pieces can make us feel more confident, comfortable, and empowered.

Our reason for being is you

We have met infinite women over the course of our careers. The majority of them were wearing the wrong bra size, didn’t know how to wear their bras correctly, and found it hard to find the perfect bra, or to explore different options.
This might sound unbelievable, but we’ve found that more than 80% of women need some good advice about underwear!

"More than 80% of women need some good advice about underwear"

What have we achieved?

We have reached thousands of women through personalized consultations, giving them unique, unforgettable experiences. We know that choosing the right underwear isn’t easy work, so we’re creating this space to help you get to know your body, how to take care of it, and how to dress it in the best way. We’ll teach you how to choose pieces according to your body and its needs.

Get to know our personal shoppers

What inspires us?

We’re inspired by women like you - real women who embrace their femininity, who strive for self-love, and whose goal is to be proud of every inch of their curves.
We’re inspired by diversity and by knowing that every body has its own unique beauty.
We’re inspired by the fact that there’s nothing more magical than looking at yourself in the mirror, loving yourself for everything you are, and feeling spectacular in your own skin.

We’re inspired by intimate moments, like the exact moment when you find underwear that fits every part of you perfectly.
We’re inspired by connections, by the bond you feel when you’re confident that a friend will only recommend the best for you.
You inspire us. That’s why we want you to have memorable experiences with us.


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