Leonisa’s innerwear is #1 in design and technology.

100% of our garments are produced in-house, in the Americas. We have over 60 years of experience creating high-tech innerwear that offers comfort, shape, durability, and built-in confidence. Once you try us, you won’t ever go back!

Much more than a company

Much more than a company. Discover leonisa!

Within 60 years, not only has Leonisa been established and succeeding, but a family of more than 5,000 members has also been created. Meet who makes Leonisa garments and how they do it.

Unique Technology

Technology: not just garments, works of art

While many say they’re the best, we can actually show you. Our technology is TRULY unique. DISCOVER IT!

Top models

Lights, camera, action!

Get to know our super models, see them backstage and sneak a peek at them in our latest collections.

Awards & Publications

Awards & publications

Find out what they say about US & how they recognize our quality & design!

Leonisa Fights Against Breast Cancer

Our #1 campaign is for life

At Leonisa, we decided to lead the crusade to raise breast cancer awareness. We never lower our guard: to take care of women is to take care of life.

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