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    Embrace Motherhood with Maternity Shapewear from Leonisa

    Leonisa’s maternity shapewear and postpartum shapewear offer a practical and aesthetic solution for moms who are carrying or holding a new baby.
    Postpartum shapewear is not only made to flatten the tummy area, but it is also designed to aid in postpartum healing. As functional as they are flattering, Leonisa’s compression styles also encourage blood circulation to muscles. Postpartum shapewear can even help new moms with common conditions like abdominal separation, as well as assist in surgery recovery.

    Along with pregnancy shapewear worn before your baby is born, postpartum girdles and postpartum body shapers can also help new moms feel like themselves again by compressing the tummy closer to pre-pregnancy size. After all, moms already have tons of worries. Why worry about your figure, too? Recognize the beautiful, powerful woman you are and let Leonisa help you find the perfect post-pregnancy shapewear.