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NEW Arrivals - Panties

New Panties - Our latest arrivals

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>>New Panties - Our latest arrivals
pure comfort 3-pack bikini panties-S02- Assorted-MainImage
no ride-up seamless thong panty-857- Natural-MainImage
firm control tummy and thigh panty shaper-878- Beige-MainImage
super comfy control shapewear panty-543- Blue-MainImage
undetectable edge high waist shaper short-857- Brown-MainImage
thigh slimming shaper short with butt lifter-700- Black-MainImage
fabulous lace minimizer panty-802- Nude-MainImage
fabulous lace hip hugger control panty-802- Nude-MainImage
thigh slimming shaper short with butt lifter-880- Beige-MainImage
delicate lace hip hugger panty-700- Black-MainImage
graceful lace thong panty-700- Black-MainImage
fabulous lace hip hugger control panty-700- Black-MainImage