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leo torso toner body shaper for men-864- Nude-MainImage
leo torso toner body shaper for men-700- Black-MainImage
leo torso toner body shaper for men-000- White-MainImage
leo post-surgical compression bodysuit-700- Black-MainImage
leo post-surgical compression bodysuit-880- Beige-MainImage
leo crew neck seamless control tank-000- White-MainImage
leo crew neck seamless control tank-700- Black-MainImage
leo extra firm control tank-000- White-MainImage
leo extra firm control tank-700- Black-MainImage
leo crew neck control tee-000- White-MainImage
leo crew neck control tee-700- Black-MainImage
leo control tank-000- White-MainImage
  • Leo Control Tank
  • Ref # 035002
  • US $30.00
  • Color: 000- White
    Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL