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Mens underwear brief

Leo Underwear - Briefs

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>>>Leo Underwear - Briefs
leo advanced fit brief-579- Light Blue-MainImage
leo advanced fit brief-004- Printed White-MainImage
leo advanced fit brief-712- Black-MainImage
3 cotton briefs-994- Assorted-MainImage
  • 3 Cotton Briefs
  • Ref # 33180X3
  • US $28.00
  • Color: 994- Assorted
    Sizes: S, M, L, XL
leo xtreme adjust-fit cotton brief-000- White-MainImage
leo xtreme adjust-fit cotton brief-700- Black-MainImage
leo xtreme adjust-fit cotton brief-515- Blue-MainImage
leo xtreme adjust-fit cotton brief-134- All White-MainImage
leo xtreme adjust-fit cotton brief-516- All Blue-MainImage
leo xtreme adjust-fit cotton brief-701- Black with blue elastic-MainImage
leo xtreme adjust-fit cotton brief-705- All Black-MainImage
leo 2-pk adjust-fit cotton boxer briefs-991- Assorted-MainImage


Comfortable. Fitted. Enhancing Design. What more could you ask for in

briefs for men

? This style is for men who prefer less coverage with great support. They come in either cotton or microfiber fabrics. Waistbands are super comfortable and fit well to the body. For more bang for your buck, purchase

men's briefs

in 3-packs. Keep wearing our products for their durability and top-notch quality that will last forever. It's your pick! Either way, you win on comfort, style and a good purchase.