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The History of Creating an Hourglass Shape with Waist Cinchers


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The corset, the early form of today's

waist cinchers

, has been an essential piece of woman's fashion for many, many years. Early corsets were unnatural and uncomfortable for women to wear as they were often pulled too tight and forced the chest up and the hips back. In order to create this popular hourglass shape, corsets extremely restricted women's movements. There have even been stories of women fainting because their corsets were pulled too tight! Thankfully, over the years as women's fashion evolved, so have corsets. Here is a brief overview of how corsets changed over time into the waist cinchers we know and love today.
  • 16th / 17th Centuries: The main purpose of corsets in the 16th and 17th century was actually to emphasize a woman's bust by pushing them upwards. These corsets were commonly made with stiff linens with wooden bars to keep the stomach tight and straight.
  • 18th / 19th Century: The corsets during these times were used to create a high waistline. The main purpose of these corsets was to support a woman's bust. Later during this time period when fashion returned to emphasizing the natural position of a woman's waistline, corsets then focused on making them smaller, and making an "S" shaped silhouette.
  • 1920s / Present: During the 1920s rubberized materials were developed and helped the girdle replace the corset. Waist cincher girdles were used to help women create the rigid, flat silhouettes that were currently in fashion. This silhouette symbolized what a "modest" woman should look like. Over time, and with the help of newer, softer materials, the girdles evolved into the comfortable waist cinchers women use today.
Modern waist cinchers are more comfortable and less restricting than any other early shapewear ever was. They give women gentle support around the tummy area, while not restricting any movements and are soft enough to wear all day long. Whether you are a new mother looking for extra

stomach support

, or a woman wishing to naturally get that hourglass silhouette, modern day waist cinchers are the solution for you.