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Our Technology


While other brands claim to be the best, try us out and you be the judge!

The incredible quality of our products is due to the years of experience and the type of technology that we use to create our innerwear.
We offer not only comfort, but shape, long-lasting wear, security and
toxin-free innerwear that will always treat your skin right, -keeping your well-being as the most important part of what we do. Once you try us, you won’t ever go back!

Leonisa has the technology and exclusive equipment to produce the best. We produce 90% of our raw materials and 100% of our garments in 44 of our manufacturing plants – so we can, for sure, guarantee the highest quality. In addition, we have an advanced laboratory with patented machines to ensure superior developments.

Start wearing our innerwear with PowerSlim™, SmartLace™, SkinFuse™ and DuraFit™... and discover not only how best to enhance your body, but how to take care of it the best way possible:

Lycra® fiber in our product

PowerSlim™ is a powerful elastic material that has multidirectional reducing strength due to its hexagonal thread pattern. A garment that has PowerSlim™ feels like it fits perfectly to your body with inherent slimming properties that shape, control and support like no other.

Due to the unique quality of the fibers and the intelligent fabric structure, these garments keep their shape even after several washes and daily wear.

The hexagonal shape of the fabric allows for greater circulation of air from the body, so even if you sweat a lot during the day, the garment will stay fresh by removing moisture. Further, if you need to wash this material, it dries super fast.

Compare our PowerSlim™ material to other leading brands on the market, you will not find one that is this soft and with so much powerful control. Experience the technology of PowerSlim™ by Leonisa.

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